A Glimpse of Greater Saint Paul

Greater Saint Paul Baptist Church, Minden, Louisiana was officially organized February 25, 1971. During the month of January 1971, a group of 14 faithful believers led by the Holy Spirit met in the homes of Sister Winnie Reed, Brother and Sister Felix and Irene Quarles and finally a meeting with Reverend Calvin Kimble, who provided much needed advice and spiritual leadership in establishing a new church.

Reverend L. D. Scott, pastor of the Avenue Baptist Church, Shreveport, Louisiana presided over the approval of the first officers to serve at Greater Saint Paul Baptist Church:

  • Deacon Felix Quarles – Deacon Chairman
  • Deacon Clarence Reed – Financial Secretary/Sunday School Superintendent
  • Deacon Mont C. Thomas – Treasurer/Usher President
  • Sister Lorene Allen – Church Clerk
  • Sister Irene Quarles – BTU Directress
  • Sister Annie Thomas – Missionary President
  • Sister Gertrude Rice – Deaconess President
  • Sister Naomi Bell – Nurse Aid President
  • Brother Vertis Gilbert – Music Department President
  • Brother James Quarles – Brotherhood President/Director of Music

The men of the group located a building at 510 High Street, Minden Louisiana. The name, GREATER SAINT PAUL BAPTIST CHURCH, was submitted by Deacon Felix Quarles and accepted. Reverend Calvin Kimble was also called as the first pastor. He gave his acceptance on March 4, 1971.

Dr. Roy D. Coleman, the second pastor for Greater Saint Paul was elected/installed as pastor in 1974. Dr. Coleman served for 26 years before his death in 1999. The church grew and thrived under the leadership of Dr. Coleman. In 1978, the church purchased additional property and a new Hammond Organ. The choir also recorded its first Album.

God sent Reverend Clarence O’Neal Bryant to Greater Saint Paul. He was installed May 28, 2000. All ministries were enhanced under Pastor Bryant. The church note was paid off in 2006.

God has shown favor to Greater Saint Paul again, by sending our present pastor, Reverend Royal Scott, Jr. and his wife, Sandra from Kansas City, Kansas. Pastor Scott was installed May 28, 2011. We believe that God will continue to bless Greater Saint Paul because we are the church that appreciates the past, takes advantage of the present and prepares for the future.